About the Canadian Agri-Food Ecosystem- Digital Network (CAFE-D)

The Canadian Agri-Food Ecosystem - Digital Network (CAFE-D) is a network of networks that integrates industry, academic institutions and not-for-profit organizations to develop the most advanced digital and data-driven agri-food economy in the world. CAFE-D will enable seamless sharing, exchange, and trading of data and expertise to drive agri-food job creation, economic growth, innovation, environmental sustainability and community benefits.

The CAFE-D mission is to create a collaborative, national, and sector-wide digital and data trust agri-food innovation ecosystem, in which companies, researchers, not-for-profits, governments, and training organizations can effortlessly collaborate to generate new agri-food value, products and services.

CAFE-D represents a community of over 50 organizations aiming to create and participate in this collaborative, national and sector-wide digital and data-trusted agri-food innovation network.

To realize this immense opportunity, the agri-food sector must create synergies, working together in new ways – collaboratively – up and down value chains, across geographies, commodities, and disciplines. Simply put, Canada’s future as a leader in the global marketplace relies on creating a powerful new network-of-networks to capture the phenomenal power of blending expertise, capabilities, complementary thinking, data and technologies, with our incredible agri-food assets.

CAFE-D Proposal Areas

Canada is a world leader in agriculture and food production. By leveraging the strength of farmers and technology, CAFE-D will build a pan-Canadian network to enhance Canada’s global reputation for agri-food excellence while driving toward the job creation and economic growth goals of the Government of Canada, accomplished through three proposal areas:

Ecosystem Building

Proposal Area 1

This proposal area is intended to support a range of activities related to building an effective ecosystem across Canada for CAFE-D.

Ready Projects

Proposal Area 2

Founding members of CAFE-D have identified five industry-academic projects that they wish to support immediately with financial support to bring disruptive technology capability to the agri-food sector.

Calls for Projects

Proposal Area 3

Industrial research, development and technology demonstration projects that represent collaborations between the private sector, researchers and non-profit organizations. These projects are funded under national calls issued to Canada’s innovation ecosystem to build the next generation of pre-commercial solutions devoted to transforming agri-food.


Canada AgriFood Tech Market Map: 166 Startups Growing Canad’s Agricultural Sector

Just as it has for most of its history, the ample and multi-leveled agricultural and agri-food sector of Canada continues to play a fundamental role in the country’s economy.

UWinnipeg receives $2.4 million to grow digital agriculture

The University of Winnipeg (UWinnipeg) will receive funding to work in partnership with Enterprise Machine Intelligence and Learning Initiative (EMILI) to promote machine learning and grow the digital agriculture industry in Manitoba.


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