Calls for Projects

Proposal Area #3:  Calls for Projects are industrial research, development and technology demonstration projects - collaboration between the private sector, researchers and non-profit organizations funded under national calls for projects issued to Canada’s innovation ecosystem to build the next generation of pre-commercial solutions devoted to transforming agri-food.

Stream 1 - Dairy:  Calls for projects to meet the specific needs of the dairy sector in subject matters identified by the sector as top priority.

Stream 2 - Commodity inclusive: Calls for projects to leverage the dairy experience and to meet the priorities of the agri-food sector broadly.

Stream 3 -  Technology Demonstration: Projects are calls issued to the ecosystem for solution providers to demonstrate their product in a live environment with a potential client or receptor, often resulting in either a product redevelopment effort or a first sale.

Stream 4 - New Ventures and SME Growth: Providing funding to help agri-food SMEs access global supply chains and become investment-ready.


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