Proposal Area #1: Ecosystem Building is intended to support a range of activities related to building an effective ecosystem across Canada for CAFE-D.  This includes:

  • Development Regional Nodes - collaborations among existing not-for-profits, post-secondary academic institutions and associations focused on agri-food across Canada to share outreach and knowledge.
  • An assessment of the data and security needs for the broader agri-food sector
  • RFPs issued to the technology ecosystem across Canada for solutions to support the broader network, including interconnectivity between digital solutions
  • Networking, events and communications across the broader agri-food sector that make up the CAFE-D network

The Network is also proposing to dedicate a section of our ecosystem development effort to providing assistance and content for educators in the agri-food sector.  The Network joins in this effort by continuing to support student learning by providing data, algorithms, and other tools for educators and students in Canada’s post-secondary institutions.    


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