Ready Projects

Proposal Area #2:  Ready Projects are Industry-Academic projects; identified, funded, and ready to start development on receipt of funds.  Founding members of CAFE D have identified five projects they wish to support immediately with the financial support to proceed very quickly and bring disruptive technology capability to the sector.  SIF funding requested is matched by industry funding at least at a 1:1 ratio.
  1. AgBox - AgBox will share outcomes and learnings of the development of the AgBox data platform. AgBox increases access to farm data in a simple manner and through this will enable more timely research and the ability to apply advanced analytics to previously inaccessible pools of data.
  2. Dairy - Next Generation Dairy will disrupt the value chain through the deployment of a secure, frictionless platform for data collaboration and innovation, enabling a dynamic app ecosystem with any-to-any connectivity, granular access control and micro-transaction monetization opportunities for all participants, farm to table.
  3. Sightline - Sightline will deploy data trust infrastructure in a pilot project to enable the ecosystem to derive value from data.
  4. MDA - Together with academic and industry partners, MDA will develop core enabling AI and data-centric technologies in the following areas: image and insitu sensor AI, AI enhancements to agricultural models, hyperspectral sensor design, multi-source data aggregation and optimization, and data platform development. MDA will work with Canadian SMEs to apply the core AI and data-centric technologies to applications related to precision/smart farming and supply chain management.


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